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Jumpulse Dance

(In Honor of Ta-You Wu, Father of Chinese Physics, Inventor of Jumpulse)
Chien Yi Lee Demonstrates Jumpulse Dance

Jumpulse Dance 2016

Jumpulse Dance 2009 and 2012


Jumpulse Dance Significance

The Jumpulse Dance has a very significant purpose; it attempt to solve the problem of human dancing. Most of the time, unchoreographed or untrained human dancing looks ugly, while professional sports looks elegant, with its explosive motions. The purpose of the Jumpulse Dance is to design a dance, which can make humans look beautiful in motion or, at least, not ugly when dancing with the introduction of jumpulse, a sudden change of force or an explosive force, as in sports. It is a post-science invention, a solution of dancing, which could be as subtle as the post-science solutions of value and complete automation. When it was first demonstrated in public in 2008, music video scouting agents thought it was the 1980s Melbourne Shuffle. And in 2011, the Party Rock Anthem music video revived the Shuffle world-wide. From the point of view of the Jumpulse Dance, the Shuffle has many similar intentions as the Jumpulse Dance. In fact, the Jumpulse Dance, although independently invented, might be considered an improved Shuffle and might have finally made a sliding dance into a dance crazy, which could last permanently.

One important common point between the two dances is that there is no pause in either dance. Here these two dances have caught up with the corresponding characteristics of professional singers, whose voice tends to fill the air with no pause, while amateur singers absent-mindedly take short rest during a song. Both dances are designed to create the illusion of anti-gravity. With real slide, instead of faked slide, the Jumpulse Dance is actually fighting gravity indirectly by sliding and avoided the dangerous move of directly jumping. People want to watch others who can escape from the force of gravity. Thus, slide is the most liked moves in dancing. The real slide is subtle. Intuitively, the real slide seems to be against logic at first because there appears to be no supporting point or it is against Newton’s law of action verses reaction. The real slide needs a new type of motion, namely, an instantaneously produced force from zero and is called jumpulse.

Logistically, the relevant factor is that the Jumpulse Dance is designed by world leading thinkers the Father of Chinese Physics Ta-You Wu and the Father of Post-Science Hugh Ching. The Jumpulse Dance has taken into consideration all the factors affecting dance. The first criterion is to make the dance crazy permanent, not just another fad. The dance must be beautiful and elegant. The beginners must not look ugly. The intermediate dancers must be able to attract attention, and the advanced dancers must be able to impress to the point that the watchers want to see more. The advanced moves must be subtle enough that they would take a few months of training to master. The dance must be danceable by people of all ages from 1 to 100, and, thus, it has three No’s, No jumping, No turning, and No touching. The Jumpulse Dance also contributes to longevity. Most people lived over 100 years exercise by walking. The Jumpulse Dance is designed as a substitute for walking, for both exercise the same parts of the body. Another notable health benefit of the Jumpulse Dance relates to the improvement of balance or the danger of falling, especially, for seniors. Slipping is one of the major causes of falling, which accounts for a large proportion of death of seniors. The sliding of the Jumpulse Dance is directly related to slipping or its prevention. Thus, the Jumpulse Dance has been designed with fall prevention in mind.

What is most significant about the Jumpulse Dance is that it represents the human race as a Human Dance because the Jumpulse Dance, knowledge-wise, demonstrates the living technology, while the Newtonian force, the dead or non-living technology of the scientific age. All human beings should be proud of the Jumpulse dance and feel a sense of pride while dancing it. Particularly, the Jumpulse Dance separates the movement of the robot from that of the human. The current robots cannot slide, while all humans can slide naturally. When robot can move with jumpulse, instead of force, society would have moved the knowledge from science to post-science and technology from the dead to the living.

The Overall Jumpulse Plan
2015 - 3500

1. Jumpulse Dance (2008 - 2018)
(Simplest: Requires only jumpulse $Millions)
2. Jumpulse Sports (1968 - 2025)
(Requires Precisely Timed Jumpulse $Billions)
3. Jumpulse Car Shock Absorber (2000 - 2035)
(Jumpulse with Super-Precision Sensors $Trillion)
4. Robot Touch (2015 -3500)
(Fuzzy Logic, Jumpulse, and Multi-Dimentional Sensors)

Robots Will Replace All Human Physical Labors.

Jumpulse Plan

Jumpulse Videos

Jumpulse Basic Steps: The Treadmill
Jumpulse Side Kick
Jumpulse Instructions to tourists in Reno
Jumpulse Pendulum Swing
Jumpulse Sliding Feet
Jumpulse danced to rap
Upper-Body Jumpulse Dance Demonstration
Matt Steffanina Beautiful Choreograph Upper-Body Jumpulse Dance
Two Cars Collide without Bouncing Off


The Art and The Science of The Jumpulse Dance

Ba Ba communicates with the Wild of Mt. Rose, Reno, Nevada, USA

Toy Dancing Doll Standing In For The Cameraman.

Jumpulse Dance to Power Rap at Fibbar Maggie to "Rump Shacker" 2009

The Jumpulse Dance has started a world-wide dance movement since 2011 when it revived the 1980s dance Shuffle, which led to the Horse Dance of the Gangnam Style with over 1.5 billion Youtube views. Today in 2014, the Shuffle and the Horse Dance are fading away, as they did before, and the Jumpulse Dance is still going strong and have increased the number of dancers in San Francisco Bay Area nightclubs by ten fold. The Jumpulse Dance is really a Human Dance, which the today's robot cannot do; it is based on the explosive motion produceable by athletes in professional competitions. The powerful movements in the Jumpulse Dance can make all human dancers look good, and the Jumpulse Dance will create a permanent world-wide dance movement, when the concept of jumpulse is taught to all dancing students. The Jumpulse Dance will get the world to dance.

The strong static friction force keeps us from slipping, when we are standing, walking or running. The Jumpulse Dance is based on sliding or slipping and works with the opposing principle of jumpulse, which overcomes the static friction force. Jumpulse is a finite applied force and is a new physics concept invented by the Father of Chinese Physics Dr. Ta-You Wu and the Founder of Post-Science Dr. Hugh Ching.

It takes time to change position of an object from one place to another place, and it takes time to change velocity to go, say, from zero to sixty miles for a car. Does it take time for acceleration to change from zero to a finite amount? Isaac Newton and all the physicists since Newton for the past three hundred years have not clearly answered this question. The Jumpulse Dance is an empirical proof that it does NOT take time to change acceleration from zero to a finite amount; if it does take time to change acceleration, the Jumpulse Dance would not be possible. The jumpulse applied to slide the feet must be a finite force in order to overcome the strong static friction force. The concept of jumpulse is initially invented as the solution of touch or collision without bounce and the solution of prolonged contact in sports.

The Jumpulse Dance takes the advantage of the sliding and takes into consideration of the artistic movements of past great dancers to choreograph a dance suitable for young and old. Its basic movement is the slide, which is a traits usually acquired by most experienced dancers after years of practice in non-sliding dances. The Jumpulse Dance has three No’s: No turning, No Jumping, and No Touching, and, thus, can be danced safely by the very young and the very old, say, from 8 to 80. It can have sliding backward, sideways, obliquely, and forward. During the slide, it allows the dancer to capture the micro-beats in the textured music of the Top 40 songs.

In the past three years, the Jumpulse Dance has help rekindle the dancing culture in nightclubs, starting with the clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area. It also help revived the two old dances, Running Man and Shufflin, whose movements are not as efficient as the linear sliding of the Jumpulse Dance. A recent video based on Shufflin even reached number one in Top 40 songs.


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A book on a scientific analysis of Roger Federer's forehand based on the solution of touch

The Jumpulse Stroke

The Jumpulse Dance

"Just Dance" Jumpulse Dance at Pearl, San Jose, May 2009

Click Here For "Just Dance" by Lady GaGa

"Break My Stride" Jumpulse Dance at Zen, Mt. View, CA 2009

Last night I had the strangest dream I sailed away to China In a little row boat to find ya
And you said you had to get your laundry cleaned Didn't want no one to hold you
What does that mean And you said Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride Nobody gonna slow me down, oh no
I got to keep on movin' Ain't nothin' gonna breaka my stride
I'm running and I won't touch ground Oh no, I got to keep on movin'

Click Here For "Break My Stride" by Mathew Wilder

"Push It" Jumpulse Dance at Zen Mt. View June 2009

Click Here For "Push It" by Salt n Pepper

Jumpulse Cha Cha at Zen Lounge, Mt. View, CA June 2009

Jumpulse Dance at Fibbar Maggie May 2009

"Shake It" Jumpulse Dance at ClubSports

Click Here For "Shake It" by Metro Station

"DANGEROUS" Jumpulse Dance by Hugh at Pearl, San Jose, 2009

Click Here For "Dangerous" by Kardinal Offishall

"Dangerous"&"Sexy Back" Jumpulse Dance, Pearl, San Jose 2009

Click Here For "Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake

Jumpulse Dance by Hugh with Hot Chicks at Pearl, San Jose, 2009

Jumpulse Dance by Amy with Cool Chicks at Pearl, San Jose, 2009

"Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" at The Brits, San Jose 2009

Click Here For Michael Jackson - "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"

Jumpulse Grind at Zen Lounge, Mt. View, CA June 2009

Jumpulse Dance at Pearl, San Jose, June 2009

A Post-Science Contribution to Health and Entertainment
Happy Pictures

Hugh Ching and Chien Yi Lee were giving lectures and dancing in Istanbul Turkey.

Chien Yi Lee and Hugh Ching with Turkish looks

Hugh Ching and Edith

Hugh Ching with Onzy

Hugh Ching with Bulent Corak and her Daughter

Prof. C. V. Ramamoorthy and Hugh Ching watching Jumpulse Dance with Chien Yi Lee

The Jumpulse Dance is designed for power rap, which currently has not much dance moves. The basic step of the Jumpulse Dance is the "Treadmill" which looks like the treadmill exercise without the treadmill. From the Treadmill, the Jumpulse Dance extends into various forms of breaks, floats, slides, and kicks. The main benefit of the Jumpulse Dance is to allow a person to exercise anywhere without a treadmill and with just a little bit of music, preferably the rap.

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in Dr. Ta-You Wu's own handwriting...

Dr. Ta-You Wu Had The Problem Of Touch (Collision Without Bounce)
Solved Before Touch Was Recognized As A Problem
(Click Here for an introduction in Chinese: Ta-You Wu vs. Isaac Newton).
Jumpulse Is The Solution To Touch.

A Problem To Challenge The World

How To Keep A Tennis Ball In Prolonged Contact
With The Racket During Impact ?

If you have the answer to the above problem, in any language, please email your answer to Prof. Chien Yi Lee
Email: jumpulse(at) (You have matched Dr. Wu in thinking ability !)

Prof. Chien Yi Lee disclosed for the first time in the "Meadowood Lecture" hosted by Doug King and demonstrated by Hugh Ching the physics of touch. Ching's law of touch is that acceleration, unlike velocity and position, can be changed instantaneously. Newton's law of inertia can land a man on the moon, and Ching's law is the reason that humans can touch. Touching is more important than landing a man on the moon.

There should be a world-wide debate by robotics researchers, physicists, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers on whether touch (collision without bounce) is a problem, if it is a problem, has it been solved or not, and what is the solution to touch ?

The main applications of jumpulse are (1) Sports, (2) Spacecraft Docking, and (3) Automobile No-Bounce Shock Absorber, in addition to the long term application in Robotics.

Introduction: Abstract of a paper on jumpulse to be published by Ta-You Wu, T. L. Kunii, Hugh Ching

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Dr. Ta-You Wu's Jumpulse articles

Ta-You Wu and Hugh Ching

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